We help conceptualize and build your future production facilities

Project Management

We assist clients in negotiating EPC contracts and prepare necessary project plans, progress reports, payment certificates, provisional and final take over certificates, claims evaluation reports, project final report and other project management documents required in accordance with good turnkey practice.

We assist in preparing and implementing a Project Performance Monitoring System (PPMS) to evaluate effectiveness of the project. PPMS measures project performance against the parameters as set out in the Design and Monitoring Framework (DMF) of the client. PPMS establishes baseline data and benchmarks, analyzes necessary information, monitors progress and their operational impact.

Design Audit and Construction Supervision

For turnkey contracts covering design and construction of new plant facilities and equipment, we provide oversight of all aspects of the turnkey contractor’s works. This include i) review and approval of the contractor’s designs, ii) developing and implementing a quality assurance program, iii) monitoring contractor’s schedule, iv) inspection of materials and equipment before shipment, upon arrival and upon erection, v) comparison of as-built drawings to design, vi) addressing shortcomings in any of these areas.

Testing and Commissioning

For each project component subject to test, we review the contractor’s test procedures for compliance with the clients’ requirements and design criteria. The contractor is then subjected to selective tests and reviews with us the test results.

At startup, we oversee operational activities. The contractor provides operational training of the plant and all its systems. We assist the Client in this phase and coordinate as required with the contractor.

Training and Capacity Development

We work with clients post startup to provide capacity development through on the job training by having client staff work with our specialists. We also provide specific capacity development and training to environmental and financial control systems. This specific training is designed to ensure that proper project financial control is exercised and that environmental management of the plant is implemented.